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Gaëlle Marinoni is a Manager at the IHS Life Sciences Practice, heading our healthcare multi-client studies. Previously a market access consultant, a Western European healthcare analyst, and a research scientist, she specialises in market access, pricing and reimbursement, and corporate strategies.
Gaëlle Marinoni has written 19 posts for IHS Healthcare and Pharma Blog

Tiered pricing strategies: Where next?

Tiered pricing is a commercial strategy that consists of charging different prices to different markets or market segments. In pharma, tiered pricing is a welfare-maximising strategy capable of both improving access to medicines and enhancing profitability. It has been mostly applied to communicable disease treatments. There remain significant opportunities for Industry to leverage in the … Continue reading

Adaptive Licensing + Flexible Pricing = Adaptive Pricing?

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) recently launched an adaptive licensing pilot project, which was hailed by the Agency as an initiative “to improve timely access for patients to new medicines.” The EMA described the concept as “a prospectively planned process, starting with the early authorisation of a medicine in a restricted patient population, followed by … Continue reading

Is real-world data a market access hurdle or facilitator?

By Gaelle Marinoni and Cameron Lockwood The IHS Life Sciences team is currently undertaking research on the concept of flexible pricing. Introduced notably in the UK Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS), the idea behind the concept is that manufacturers may apply for a price increase sometime after initial funding recommendation, in the hopes that significant … Continue reading

Worst-case scenarios emerging in the French drug evaluation reform? ITR versus SMR/ASMR

I have got news in relation to the French pricing and reimbursement (P&R) reform, which is meant to see the replacement of the country’s SMR/ASMR system with a single drug evaluation index, the ITR. I’ll be honest with you, as it stands it seems that our early suspicions that this reform could toughen market access … Continue reading

Unravelling the international reference pricing conundrum: Next threats, next steps

International reference pricing (IRP) is going global. Think about it. Is this a fact, a threat, or a mix of both? After spending the last few months dissecting the intricacies of IRP in over 40 developed and emerging markets, my answer would be that IRP is indeed going global, and that’s a threat for pharmaceutical … Continue reading

What is taking so long for France to do away with the SMR/ASMR system?

In the autumn of last year, France seemed on the brink of overhauling its pricing and reimbursement (P&R) framework by ditching its SMR/ASMR system in favour of a one-stop relative therapeutic index (ITR). Yet nearly a year later, things seem to have settled down, and although some changes are already afloat with the introduction, in … Continue reading

Relative effectiveness assessment of orphan drugs: Challenges and opportunities

With France introducing mandatory economic evaluation for new innovative medicines from October 2013, relative effectiveness assessment (REA) is more than ever at the core of European pricing and reimbursement (P&R) systems. While not a new concept within the French P&R system, REA continues to pose a number of challenges to pharmaceutical companies and payers alike, … Continue reading

Biosimilars in emerging markets: Test case for an “auto-biosimilar” lifecycle management strategy

At the same time as the EMA’s CHMP recommended the first two monoclonal antibody biosimilars for marketing approval in the European Union, the IHS Healthcare and Pharma team completed a deep dive into the world of biosimilars in emerging markets. As part of this piece of research, we looked into the lifecycle management strategies used … Continue reading

European pharmacovigilance legislation: It’s everyone’s business as payers look to make use of benefit-risk data

The new European pharmacovigilance legislation was passed at the end of 2010 with large portions of it implemented last summer. With its emphasis on continuous benefit-risk assessment, and early signs that this may lead to currently marketed drugs facing re-evaluation, we are only just beginning to gain full visibility into the real and tangible impact … Continue reading

Dismantling commonly held stereotypes about pharmaceutical prices

Last week, after 4 months of data crunching and analysis, we published our latest study entitled Dynamic pharmaceutical pricing 2012: What is really behind drug price changes? In a nutshell, the study analyses drug price changes over time (up to 10 years) within and across 36 strategic markets and within and across 12 key therapeutic … Continue reading

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